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What do you do when all of a sudden there has been an interruption in life that causes an unexpecting, traumatizing and life-altering shift to occur? Oftentimes we panic. Yet, it is in those moments that we can find solace in seeking the face of God. That's what Dr. Toni Boulware Stackhouse and her husband Sam did, and that is how they made it through the greatest testing of their faith. They found peace, power, and victory through their relationship with Almighty God. 


Now, they stand to testify of God's graciousness towards those He loves. They stand as proof that God is merciful, and they will sing of His love for them and others - forever. Their story encourages those who find themselves in trying times or being devoured by the enemy of their soul. This book is a dose of power for you, and a helping of preparation for those who have not faced life-altering situations. Be encouraged as you read their story and know that with God you are always victorious! Remember to keep trusting in God because it don't make sense not to!

It Don't Make Sense Not To Trust God


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