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Life Matters Wellness is a client centered approach to mental and emotional health and awareness. A healthy life is contingent upon emotional wellness. Breaking through mentally impacts one’s ability to optimize productivity in major ways. Ultimately influencing one becoming the fullest expression of self. We are client centered approach.


We are trained and certified in Evidence Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Solution Focused Therapy. Prepare and Enrich Trained.

We offer mental health treatment to individuals, couples and families who may be caretakers, and active and retired military.


Healthy Relationships


Chronic Stress

Anger Management

Coping Skills



Self Esteem






Happy Couple

Life Coaching

Sometimes in life there is a need for strategic partnerships when you need motivation and inspiration to accomplish your visions and dreams. Who you choose is just as important as your vision. I am your strategist, some say “pusher” and or life assist. Helping you to manifest in the fullest expression of yourself in life’s purpose. If you feel stuck not able to move forward let’s PUSH forward together. 


Mentors For Life

Through our collaborative approach, we will work together to identify your strengths, cultivate new skills, and create a strategic roadmap to propel you towards your dreams. With our mentor by your side, you will gain the confidence, clarity, and tools to overcome obstacles, make informed decisions, and unleash your true potential.


The counseling experience with Dr. Toni Boulware Stackhouse has been very educational and has helped me to look at things from all perspectives. I appreciate every session I’ve had with her.


Working with Dr. Toni has been very rewarding. Our session provide a space for me to be heard, seen, and held accountable for whatever commitment I make to myself. Dr. Toni asks thought provoking questions without judgement. I also appreciate her flexibility and how I am given the opportunity to guide each session based on my needs. 


In my experience, Dr. Stackhouse has helped me tremendously with my anger issues, helping me to navigate my everyday life in a calmer and sound mind, teaching me to resolve issues without anger and thinking before  act, these tools that are not only beneficial to me, but my whole family.


Finding Dr. Stackhouse has been nothing short of a blessing for me! She is attentive, relatable, and has been instrumental in helping me navigate through events in my life that we have discussed thus far. her perspective is always insightful and helpful, she has been that extra "push" and encouragement for decisions I have been pondering with for a while. Dr. Stackhouse has helped me to develop some personal and professional goals and we constantly talk about the progress of these goals to help keep me on track.


As my therapist, Dr. Toni Boulware Stackhouse provides a professional, comfortable and safe space for me to share my thoughts and to release my emotions without judgment. She is a keen listener with a core strength of working through problems to help you find solutions. It is a relief to have a therapist with a vast knowledge in her field, to help navigate through all aspects of life in a healthy and sensible manner. I highly recommend Dr. Toni Boulware Stackhouse!


Dr. Stackhouse is very kind, patient and wise. She always provides great feedback that helps you get back on your feet!


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